Senator Jane Nelson

Friday, July 26, 2013

A Message From Senator Nelson:

When I joined the Texas Senate, I served among a minority of Republicans who came to the floor every day knowing that our voices could be overruled at any moment, on any bill.

We could have filled the gallery with supporters. We could have encouraged them to scream and shut down the legislative process. But we took a different path. We started winning elections.

Elections matter because the people express their will through their actions at the ballot box. And while it is important that everyone have an opportunity to be heard when the Legislature is considering important legislation, the voices of organized protesters should never be allowed to stamp out the will of the people. 

"Real Texans" have spoken loudly, clearly and consistently over the past two decades about the type of government they support. They want a pro-growth, limited government that focuses on the basics -- education, transportation and other priorities. They embrace the business-friendly policies that have made our Texas economy the envy of the nation. They voted for a government that reflects their values -- including those of protecting human life.

What happened in the Texas Capitol over these last two special sessions should be a wake-up call to all Texans. We cannot allow our democracy to be reduced to a contest of who can do the best job of behaving badly, disrupting proceedings and flooding social media with comments that have no place in the public discourse.

The organized protesters may not like it, but we speak for “real Texans” -- not them. The battle is on to protect our state from a dangerous liberal agenda. I’m ready to fight, and I hope you will stand with me as I continue the work you elected me to do.

Friday, May 17, 2013


SB 1 Conference Committee Adopts Article II Of Budget

The Conference Committee for SB 1, the appropriations bill, on Monday adopted the state’s health and human services budget, which accounts for nearly a third of the overall budget and supports seniors, children, individuals with disabilities and other Texans who rely on state services. "Not only does this budget meet our responsibilities to the most vulnerable among us, it ensures that we are delivering efficient, cost-effective services that actually achieve healthy outcomes for our citizens," said Senator Nelson, a member of the conference committee and the lead Senate negotiator for the health and human services budget.

Senate Unanimously Passes Blue Mound, Grapevine Legislation

The Texas Senate unanimously passed on Wednesday two bills sponsored by Senator Nelson. HB 1160 allows the City of Blue Mound to take over its water utility. "I am very happy to know that my constituents, who have been gouged with exorbitant, unjustified rates will have an opportunity for relief," said Senator Nelson. The Senate also passed HB 2536 to give Grapevine representation on the Fort Worth Transportation Authority's board. "As The T begins planning to add Grapevine in their service area, it is important there is local representation on the board," said Senator Nelson.

House Passes Bill To Expand Collaboration In Health Care

The Texas House of Representatives on Wednesday passed SB 406 by Senator Nelson to improve access to health care by making it easier for physicians, advanced practice nurses, and physician assistants to work together to deliver services. "This bill allows highly trained medical professionals to practice to the top of their training, increasing patient access to qualified health care providers at a time when we are working to address critical shortages in our medical workforce," said Senator Nelson.

Bills Protecting Patient Safety Sent To Governor

The Texas House of Representatives passed two bills by Senator Nelson this week which will increase patient safety in Texas. SB 152 expands protections for patients at state hospitals by increasing oversight, enhancing employee training and strengthening abuse and neglect reporting requirements. The House also passed SB 944, which requires that all non-licensed employees working in mental health units of hospitals undergo a criminal background check and bars individuals who have committed violent crimes from employment. "Texans who enter psychiatric units in hospitals are in an extremely vulnerable state, and this bill will further ensure we live up to our responsibility to keep them safe," said Senator Nelson. "We must protect our patients from those with a history of violence or abuse."

Senate Passes Bill Improving Outcomes At NICUs

The Texas Senate on Wednesday passed HB 15, sponsored by Senator Nelson with a unanimous vote. The bill ensures that Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICUs) across the state are held to a uniform standard, and would improve outcomes for both pregnant women and newborns while achieving cost savings for the state. "We must ensure the highest standards of care for newborn children who enter this world in a fragile condition," said Senator Nelson. "This bill will improve standards of care and ensure the best possible outcomes for infants and their mothers."

Senate Passes Bill Addressing Medication For Foster Children

The Texas Senate on Wednesday unanimously passed HB 915, sponsored by Senator Nelson, to ensure the use of psychotropic medications by foster children is appropriate, necessary and closely monitored. "Today the Senate has taken another step forward as we work to address the issue of psychotropic medication for children in foster care," said Senator Nelson. "This bill will help to ensure these children only receive these medications when appropriate, and that it not the first or only option considered."

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