Whether you are just starting or you are an established business owner, membership with the Greater Keller Chamber of Commerce will open doors to rewarding opportunities.

Your chamber offers you opportunities where branding, marketing, public relations, advertising and consumer awareness are incorporated together and effective results are achieved with minimal financial cost.

We will go into more detail on how the membership opens doors.

  • You will create brand awareness through marketing
  • You will achieve consumer accessibility
  • You will expand your customer base
  • You will gain unsurpassed visibility
  • You will expand company reputation
  • You will communicate business practices
  • You will increase consumer favorability and purchase intent
  • You will have access to inexpensive advertising
  • You will have access to platforms from which to market your business
  • You will have access to member discounts
  • You will have access to online business library
  • You will have access to online resource center
  • You will have access to seminars
  • You will have access to elected officials
  • You will have access to chamber advocacy programs

In addition you will have access to Notary Services, Business Counseling, conference room rental, in depth demographic data, elected officials guides and legislative updates.


Essentially, marketing is the process of creating or directing an organization to be successful in selling a product or service that people not only desire, but are willing to buy.
Therefore good marketing must be able to create a proposition or set of benefits for the end customer that delivers value through products or services.

Public relations are the management of internal or external communication of an organization to create and maintain a positive image. Public relations involve popularizing successes, downplaying failures, announcing changes as well as many more such activities.

In medium and small sized businesses, “marketing” encompasses, network marketing, public relations communications and advertizing, leads generation and referrals.

  • Network marketing will bring you visibility and accessibility, an opportunity to connect to a larger customer base. Remember, people prefer doing business with people they know and trust.
  • Your communications should achieve expansion of your company reputation and familiarizations with products and services.


The chamber can consistently provide you opportunities for the lowest rate advertising in the community.

These options include Community Guide, website, E-News, Maps, Relocation Packages, In-Office Advertising, Event Programs and Featured Article.

Website advertising:

Internet advertising provides greater exposure and produces more measurable results than print advertising. Most people look for businesses and services via the internet rather than using phone books and print magazines. You can tailor your advertising to your target market, where customers who come to your website are qualified because they are searching for your services.

You have three pages to choose from, all with very large hit counts. Home page, Calendar page and Business listings. This site is YOUR visible marketing.

In addition to the actual space that you purchased, your ad will remain on the chamber site for 6 month.

Community Directory: Be a consumer’s first choice.

The Community Directory is a publication that is designed for people to keep and use throughout the year. It provides essential service and community information.
It is published once a year. It will reach 30,000 businesses and residents in Keller. The guide will provide an exceptional value for the advertisers.

Event and Program advertising:

Through the variety of programs and events, you have many opportunities to promote your business to the community & other businesses while fostering new relationships and building recognition for your products and services. Advertising and marketing campaigns are a good start but you must follow through creating relationships, it is those that encourage customers to keep coming back.

Events and programs make it possible for you to create a strong message utilizing two avenues simultaneously, print and being present. We have events throughout the year and programs every week. Your chamber also gives you access to a diverse potential customer base throughout the community.

Featured Article:

Your featured article will be presented as a story, but is in fact advertising. You will see this type in magazines throughout the area. Your article can be accessed from the home page for I month. It will also be featured on the Chambers face book page for one month. In addition it will appear on the monthly E-News broadcast to the membership. It will remain under search our businesses subpage for 6 month, and of course it is linked to your website as well as the chamber website.

Weekly E – News:

You can also advertise in the weekly e-news broadcasts. These will stay on the website for one month and will be a valuable tool for you to continuously create name recognition for your business.

No cost exposure: With your membership come several free avenues to advertise your business. Make sure you take advantage of them.

Extended Business profile:

We have created the extended business profile for our members, so you can be much more than a listing. You can create a page that through text, video and pictures create an informative look at your business, services and products.

It search capabilities will allow people to find your information not just on the chamber website but on Google as well.

Make sure you have researched what words or phrases people search for looking for your service or product. With a carefully crafted profile, you can include these important keywords that, because of the size and power of the chamber website, it could result in your profile coming up higher in the Google search results than your own website.
The business profile can include images, video, audio, links to brochures and flash presentations.

You can also increase your social media reach by including links to face book, Twitter, YouTube or any blogs you may have. Just make sure you provide us the links to your pages.

For images in your profile, make sure they are pre-sized for uploading and for displaying on the internet. Images are usually 100-400 pixels wide and 72 dots per inch (they can be wider depending on your layout, but no wider than 550 pixels).

A video or audio in your profile should be no longer than 20 seconds or, if your media is longer and hosted on a streaming server, just send us the link to it and we’ll post the link.

Business Library – Articles:

You can provide the chamber with an article in the field of your expertise. Remember this should be educational, not a commercial. Don’t forget the power of the searchability; make sure the article is well written! It will remain in the library for an extensive time.

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