Welcome! It is our goal to provide you with an easy approach to find resources that are available in the community either for free or at very low cost. We understand that it can be a very overwhelming process to consider and plan for all the aspects that will influence the future success of your business adventure.

You will likely be challenged to think about issues you didn’t even know existed such as writing a business plan - obtaining financing - market research & demographics - business structure – incorporation - employee/ contractors - IRS and legal issues - retirement plans – marketing –building your network and maintaining it - work/life balance - and perhaps at some point terminating or exiting the business or corporation.

You must also define realistic goals and expectations. Define success, setting milestones and monitor your activities. We strongly recommend that you take the time to write a comprehensive business plan that will address these topics and provide you with a roadmap.Even if you are not looking for bank financing, it is a must.

You will be embarking on the most exciting journey of your life, and having defined goals and expectations will lead you to success. Often it is difficult to define in clarity the directions and expectations. Have you considered working with a Life Coach before you start the most important venture of your life?

We will be listing resources, what you can expect from each one and how to contact them. The Chamber provides these as a service to its members, and you are strongly encouraged to seek professional legal and financial advice. Here are a few just to get you started.

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